Analytics as a service

WHY Analytics as a Service?

In this digital era, the data is everywhere. The data is available from people, machines and the emergence of digital platforms is only leading to more and more data. Is more data a blessing or a curse? While using the data is the most logical decision but building competency to make use of the data is a very challenging task. Does it mean that you build an organization which is very data scientist heavy or can you also look at options of augmenting capabilities and competencies to address the business need?

Adapting enterprise-wide Analytics across functions is going to be the key factor for success of any organization. Data is made available through various sources such as transactions, social media, etc. It is inevitable to look at various options, ways and means of leveraging both the structured and unstructured data. This will enable organizations to take data based decisions to improve top-line and bottom-line growth and bring operational efficiencies.

Only 10% of organizations are using enterprise wide Analytics today.The rest, irrespective of the size, have true intent and aspiration to leverage data and analytics for effective decision making. However, the big question they are grappling with is how to build this capability within the organization.

In this gig economy, augmenting capabilities and competencies by leveraging enterprise level analytics within the organization is probably one of the best methods. Given the current context (post pandemic crisis), it is imperative to have only minimal staff physically present in the organization and we are learning more and more on how to leverage competencies when most of the employees are working remotely. It is not necessary to reinvent or create global hubs which has been the traditional way of building analytics competencies. The employees working remotely can be leveraged very effectively to adapt enterprise wide Analytics in faster, better and cheaper way by having a data strategy that takes care of data security and other relevant factors into consideration.

WHAT is Analytics as a Service?

Organizations are increasingly addressing several challenges on leveraging the power of data and analytics to deliver insights, make decisions, automate business processes, uncover and capture growth.

It is time for organizations to understand what is core and what is non-core to their business. This is the first step towards not doing activities that are not core to the business.

Adaption of analytics across enterprise starts with asking the right questions within every function and every role. The questions would directly impact the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and it is important to get the right answers using data. Typically, those who are in the area of providing analytics as a service look for the right questions, information from within and outside the organization.The expected outcome would be to provide the organization with continuous input of reports, trends, dashboards, insights and facilitate the management taking right and meaningful decisions in a timely manner.

WHO should leverage Analytics as a Service?

  • Any organization that has any form of data can potentially leverage analytics as a service.
  • Academic institutions looking for introducing analytics courses that are relevant to the industry and organizations who require to understand from the data they have.
  • Organizations who want to imbibe the culture of data-based decision making

HOW do we deliver Analytics as a Service at biz4-u?

Our Analytics as a Service model is designed to help you transform your business and create growth opportunities.

Our range of offerings under the Analytics as a Service model is two-fold:

Competency development

  • Design, develop and deliver analytics curriculum for academic institutions and organizations
  • Managing End-to-End Analytics courses for academic institutions
  • Upskilling/ reskilling existing employees on Analytics technologies
  • Workforce management (including remote workforce)

Managed services

  • Developing Proof of Concepts (POCs)
  • Building Analytics Center of Excellence (ACOE) for organizations
  • Creating Data and Advanced Analytics strategy for organizations
  • Team augmentation

OUR Analytics as a Service offerings

  • Managed services
  • Team augmentation
  • Building Analytics Center of Excellence (ACOE)
  • Competency development
  • Workforce Management
  • Remote workforce management
  • Project Management
  • Design, develop and deliver analytics curriculum for academic institutions and organizations

WHEN is the right time?

The uncertainty as a result of global CoronaVirus Pandemic has created number of challenges to the businesses. The crisis would also bring opportunities for growth, particularly in the area of data and analytics. We believe that the organizations who acts fast at this time stand to gain competitive advantage and create new opportunities for sustainable growth. Our team at biz4-u is ready to help.

We would love to have a discussion to understand your consulting needs and help you take your business to the next level.

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