Business Consulting

WHAT is business consulting?

The very fundamental of any business consulting starts with understanding current business situation, the philosophy and the foundation of the organization. The success of consulting engagement is directly proportional to the depth of understanding of the current business situation and the ability to define the future business goals. The success can be achieved through a consulting team which can bring in the experiential learning of having dealt with such situations in the past with similar industries and organizations.

HOW do provide business consulting?

There are several approaches to achieve a business goal and most of the time it is trial driven and iterative process. Some strategies are thought through, implemented and if the result is not satisfactory or as expected,the organizations will go back to the same situation and try to reimplement or readjust the strategies for achieving the goal.

Most of the consulting assignments ends with ideation and do not always lead to implementation. We at biz4-u focus on walking along and engage with the customer right from discovery phase till delivering results and enable achieving their goals.

We have a proven Organization Development Model (ODM) which takes into consideration all the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the business. Using the ODM model, we do the current business assessment of KPIs and work with the customer to define the Future Business Goal (FBG). Having defined the FBG, the model is used to build strategy, organizational structure, organizational culture, market scenarios and brings out actionable insights and solutions for implementation to deliver on the FBG.

OUR Business Consulting Services

  • Build, operate, transfer
  • Business transformation
  • Business process reengineering
  • Offshoring
  • Outsourcing
  • Creating Global Hubs
  • Creating and supporting COEs
  • Startup consulting
  • Analytics evangelists
  • Organization Development Model (ODM) Model implementation

Organization Development Model (ODM)

This kind of an approach provides the fundamental difference between a business consulting and any other consulting because the focus is on all aspects of the business and not just limited to certain functional aspects.

The key aspects of the business we address through our ODM model include:

  • Self-assessment
  • Market assessment/ Benchmarking/ KPI
  • Opportunity identification
  • Process reengineering
  • Roles & Responsibilities Mapping
  • Compensation & Benefits Assessment
  • People Policies & Framework
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Performance Measure
  • USP definitions
  • Discontinuous thinking process

We would love to have a discussion to understand your consulting needs and help you take your business to the next level.

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