WHAT are MDPs?

The objective of any Management Development Program (MDP) is to bring about synergies,understand and bridge the gap between what organizations do themselves and what other organizations are doing so as to bring the best practices in a forum that is more interactive,understandable and manageable. The best practices can be understood and implemented by the organizations instead of reinventing or losing time on replicative tasks.

While many organizations count on interactions with the leaders and experts in the respective space, theinstitutions/ universities/ colleges are taking active initiatives in bridging this gap and creating a cohesive atmosphere for managers to share their experiences.In today’s context, the industry is required to play a larger role along with the institutions in bringing about the synergies.

We at biz4-u have built a framework and methodology that can be implemented with more effectiveness and ease that helps institutions and organizationsdesigning more effectiveMDP programs.

How do we conduct MDPs?

With our experience overtime, we have understood that most effective MDPsare conducted within 2 days in a workshop mode which is inclusive of the project-based outcome so that people from different industries can adapt the same idea.

For example, we have seen that when we give a project work or a case study preparation on how to improve efficiency in manufacturing, the people from Finance have attempted giving an answer and are able to think outside of the mainstream function of a person involved in manufacturing itself.

The myth of having exactly same set of people in every MDP is not the right thing and so we make sure we involve people from various industries and functions to bring about the perspectives about the topic of the workshop. Ideally,MDP should be restricted to 50% of focus on knowledge gaining and sharing and another 50% of focus in actually attempting to use the learning via interactive sessions and presentations.We do have metrics to measure the learning by benchmarking pre MDP and measure effectiveness post MDP.We also handhold organizations and startups with implementation of the ideas.

MDPs offered

  • Embracing change post pandemic crisis
  • Engaging and motivating remotely working teams
  • Building high performing teams with limited interaction
  • Performance Management redefined
  • Being a leader for Millennials
  • Workshops for Start-ups
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Managers

WHEN are the next available MDPs?

Contact us and we would love to have a discussion to understand your needs and customize our offerings.

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